Nord Artic Group is a Animal, Birds Feeds, Dried Fruits, Oils, Agriculture Fertilizers, Wheal Flours, Fresh Fruits, Grain Crops and Beans etc. And growth promoters for poultry. The company has gained good name nationally and internationally through its services and best quality product.

Marketing +

Nord Artic has a vast network of marketing through United States with in-depth knowledge of the market.

Authorized +

Nord Artic licenses products from companies in Europe, USA, China and enjoys the trust of its principals.

Wide Network +

Nord Artic has offices in Central Asian Republics and has links with the officials, distributors and customers.


Nord Artic United States strongly believes in the wonders agriculture can do to the national economy.

Established in 1995, Nord Artic Group now has vast network of marketing and distribution throughout United States. The staff has combed the fields of United States and has in-depth knowledge of the market. Nord Artic Group world-renowned manufacturers and enjoy the trust of its principals.

Fast growing and leading firm belongs to a large group having diversified business exposure.

Famous introducers: Nord Artic Group has introduced new technology, innovation & new concepts in the market.
The leading Entrepreneurs: Nord Artic Group takes timely calculated risks with a pacey record of the product launch.