Nord Artic Group is a Animal, Birds Feeds, Dried Fruits, Oils, Agriculture Fertilizers, Wheal Flours, Fresh Fruits, Grain Crops and Beans etc. And growth promoters for poultry. The company has gained good name nationally and internationally through its services and best quality product.

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Nord Artic has a vast network of marketing through United States with in-depth knowledge of the market.

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Nord Artic licenses products from companies in Europe, USA, China and enjoys the trust of its principals.

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Nord Artic has offices in Central Asian Republics and has links with the officials, distributors and customers.


Nord Artic United States strongly believes in the wonders agriculture can do to the national economy.

Our Categories

Product Categories


Feed for broilers and laying hens is formulated to contain an optimum nutrient concentration obtainable at reasonable cost for desirable growth, production and efficiency of feed utilization.

Large Animal

Nord Artic Group offer a diverse portfolio of animal health products and services for beef and dairy cattle, goat and sheep that prevent or treat conditions that adversely impact livestock and the cost-effective production of wholesome, high-quality animal protein, including milk and meat.


Here at Nord Artic Group, we offer the best quality Wheat Straw Hay for export. The protein content of our Wheat straws ranges from 6 to 8 percent. Our fiber content varies from 25 to 65 percent. This variability means that it is essential. We have our Wheat straw supplies analyzes at a feed testing laboratory, then checking done by ration balancing to meet the farm animals’ needs for each stage of its reproductive cycle.


Corn silage is a high-quality forage of crop, apply on almost every dairy farm and some beef cattle farms worldwide. Its popularity is due to the high amount yielding of a very digestible, best quality energy crop. The ease of adapting it to automate harvesting and feeding is another plus point for this crop. Corn Silage is one of the popular forages, used for animal feed because of its digestibility and high energy. Many of the characteristics of corn silage make it attractive for many livestock producers. Corn Silage is an excellent forage for dairy cows because of its high energy and adequate fiber.


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